Metallic Galena on White Baryte from Belgium GB13

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Protection, Peace, Stability

Galena on Baryte is a rare and unique mineral specimen found in a singular discovery in Lompret, Belgium in 2017. To date, no additional finds have been reported. 

The specimen is characterized by cubic aggregates of Galena with heavily etched surfaces, giving them a distinct texture. The Galena is accompanied by blades and masses of white Baryte, which have been stained yellow by iron, creating an interesting contrast of colors. 

Some Galena crystals within the specimen exhibit octahedral faces, which are evident by the triangular corners. This feature adds to the overall aesthetic appeal of the specimen, making it a highly sought-after addition to any mineral collection. 

Due to the singular nature of the find, the Galena on Baryte specimen is considered rare and valuable among collectors. Its unique combination of Galena and Baryte, coupled with the unusual surface etching and octahedral faces, makes it a truly exceptional piece. 

Galena on Baryte is a powerful mineral combination with metaphysical properties that promote grounding and protection. Galena is believed to provide a strong, grounding energy that helps to stabilize emotions and enhance physical strength. Baryte, on the other hand, is thought to provide protection against negativity, helping to promote inner peace and calm. Together, these minerals create a powerful energy that promotes both grounding and protection, making them a valuable tool for spiritual growth and development. 

Locality: Lompret Quarry, Chimay, Wallonia, Belgium

Height: 3.3x2.7x1.4 cm

Weight: 13g

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