Rainbow Stibnite Sticks from China SB10

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Grounding, Growth, Transformation

From the mines of Jiangxi, known for the production of collector grade Stibnite, Wuning has consistently been the home of exceptional Stibnite specimens.

With formation resulting in long slender needles, Stibnite is a common mineral that is all too often under-represented. With the increase in demand in minerals, especially Antimony, Stibnite have always been harvested for its ore value; it is thus, in a twist of reality, uncommon to find good specimens of Stibnite.

With beautiful metallic luster, well terminations, and beautiful deep striations down the entire length, these Stibnite sticks shine a whole new light on what’s a common mineral. Some Stibnite specimen exhibit subtle bending akin to their counterparts from Ichinokawa Mine.

Adding a layer of fascination to these specimens is the presence of iridescence on the Stibnite surface. Rotating the Stibnite sticks treats you to a rainbow lightshow!

Stibnite is believed to possess metaphysical properties that aid in grounding and protection, while also enhancing intuition and spiritual growth. Its energy is said to promote transformation and assist in releasing negative patterns, allowing for inner healing and personal empowerment.

Locality: Wuning Mine, Qingjiang, Jiangxi, China

Height: 16.0 cm

Weight: 58g

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