Rare Ramsdellite Thumbnails from USA RD16R

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Strength, Protection, Astral 

Coming from an interestingly named mine in the US, Ramsdellite is a Manganese Oxide mineral that exhibits a metallic luster and jet-black colouration. Found in manganese oxide ore deposits, these orthorhombic (read: rectangular) crystals are brittle and should be handled with care. 

Unearthed from a once-defunct mine, Ramsdellite from this locality is scarce indeed. Featuring silvery black clusters and clear defined surface lines, these specimens are as captivating as they are singular. The combination of black and metallic visual grabs your attention, and the association with fibrous Pyrolusite took the 2017 Tuscon Show by surprise. 

Some specimens have natural iridescence, lending a colourful distraction on top of its stunning visual! 

Ramsdellite is a stone of strength, bringing out our innate superhuman capabilities. Used in meditation in assistance for astral projection, it magnifies a dome of protection. 

Locality: Mistake Mine, Sam Powell Peak, Arizona, USA

Height: 2.6x1.8x0.9 cm

Weight: 5g

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