XX059 - Crystallised Gold in nugget from Papua New Guinea

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Wealth, Confidence, Abundance

 The gold rush at Mt. Kare lasted for only six years from 1988 to 1994 and started when a group of surveyors dug a toilet hole at their camp and discovered gold nuggets just below the surface. These specimens that Crystamour have exhibits some crystallised Gold in nugget form. Acquired in 1988, these specimens have been kept securely, safe from the elements, and released only in 2023. Shiny and lustrous, the colour of pure Gold is something that you will never forget.

 The surface of the Gold specimens have been weathered, usually from river runoff. Thankfully, through the tiny vugs and crevices, one is still able to appreciate the crystallisation within. Under a loupe, the sparkle and druze of natural gold is unmistakable, and each piece tells a story. Adding on to the uniqueness, the Gold crystals grow in an interlocking formation, creating a mesmerizing and enchanting landscape. 

Gold is believed to possess strong metaphysical properties due to its association with the sun and its radiance. It is said to enhance one's mental clarity, creativity, and confidence, and is often used in spiritual and healing practices for its balancing and grounding effects. Its energy is also thought to attract wealth, abundance, and prosperity.

 Locality: Mount Kare Valley, Mount Hagen, Enga Province, Papua New Guinea

Height: 1.4x0.4x2.5 cm

Weight: 5.5g

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