- How do I order or make payment? Do you ship worldwide?

Please refer to our Buying Guide here.

- Can I reserve a particular crystal/mineral?

Please refer to our Buying Guide here.

- Do you do live selling on FB/IG?

We currently do live show on IG only. Mid and last Monday of every month at 8pm (GMT+8). Stay tuned to our post on IG to preview upcoming launches!

- Why are your crystals/minerals not perfect?

As with forces of nature, crystals and minerals may have natural inclusions, nicks and cracks. We will highlight them to the best of our knowledge. No one is perfect, not crystals, not mineral, and definitely not us. 

- How do I know your crystals/minerals are genuine? 

To the best of our knowledge, we will try to procure the crystals/minerals from the source country. We work with reputable suppliers and take pride in building good relationship with them. You are welcome to bring our crystals/minerals to any gemologist to authenticate them. Should they be a fake, please send an email to info@crystamore.com and we will refund you 100%. 

- What crystals/minerals should I get for [insert medical condition]?

We, at Crystamour, do not advocate the use of crystals/minerals for physical healing in place of professional medical treatment. Where crystals/minerals can heal and aid a person spiritually, we do not, and will not, claim to be able to cure or alleviate any physical signs or symptoms.

- Do you have a physical shop?

Not yet.

 - When will you bring in more [insert crystal/mineral]?

So sorry that you missed the last sales launch. Do drop us a DM on FB/IG or simply email us with what you'd like to see more. With enough demand we'll definitely make an effort to replenish said stock.
Disclaimer: Crystals are like fingerprints: no two crystals are the same.