Accessory - 4-in-1 UV Torchlight

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Main Features:
- 4-in-1 Lights: For all possible uses
- White Light: 350lumens and more (2 modes)
- Yellow Light: 350lumens and more (2 modes)
- Longwave UV: For normal identification of minerals, crystals, counterfeit notes
- Shortwave UV: For the serious collector
- Precision engineering: Smooth lamp cap eliminates any risk of damage to your collection
- Precision attachment head: For a focused light source
- 2-button operation: Easy to use, just click, and click
- Solid Aluminum alloy body: IMPROVED construction, durable, allows heat to dissipate fast
- Built-in ruler: Measures up to 6cm
- USB Chargeable: Intelligent charging, maximizes battery life
- Waterproof: Built to last, in all environments
- Lightweight: At 184grams it is portable and lightweight
- Charging time: 4hours will last you 30 days of daily usage

- Size:148 x 29 x 29 mm
- Net weight: 184g
- Battery: Built-in lithium 3.7v battery 3000mAh
- Material: Aluminum Alloy
- Rated voltage:5V

What's Included:
- Main Unit
- 1 Focused light attachment head
- Type-C charging cable
- Instruction manual

For the UV light:
1st click is Longwave UV
2nd click is Shortwave UV

Some tips:
- Point downwards at the floor or non-white surface before switching on
- Avoid white or reflective surfaces
- Generally I would say to avoid shortwave UV as much as possible as it's quite strong