Bladed Rhodochrosite Clusters from China RD02

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Adventure, Compassion, Change 

Rhodochrosite is a mineral often found alongside silver deposits that exhibits shades of red, and crystal habit ranges from trigonal, to bladed, to even scalenohedral! The rarity of Rhodochrosite comes from the fact that it is rarely found as well-formed crystals, so mineral specimens are far and few between. 

Often mistaken for Rhodonite, one can be forgiven for this; typically sharing the same hues of red, the main difference is the colour patterns. Rhodonite has dark-coloured, uneven bands or zones, but Rhodochrosite has light-coloured, mostly parallel colour banding. Chatoyancy is another factor; where Rhodonite may exhibit chatoyancy, Rhodochrosite will NEVER exhibit this visual phenomena. The last factor, Rhodonite is usually associated with manganese oxide, a black mineral; this is missing with Rhodochrosite. 

Crystamour’s collection features pink Rhodochrosite clusters with an array of associations. Bladed in habit, the chaotic growth complements the pearly pink lustre, accentuated by a mix of Pyrite, Fluorite, Barite, Fluorapatite, and clear Quartz. The signature pink hue under backlight cannot be mistaken. 

Being Argentina’s national gemstone, Rhodochrosite is a stone of change, bringing out the adventurous spirit in us. Also known as the stone of compassion, it urges us to pay attention to our hearts and those things we hunger for. 

Locality: Wutong Mine, Cangwu Co., Guangxi, China

Height: 4.8x3.3x2.2 cm

Weight: 29g

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