Clear Strontrium-bearing “Chrome” Fluorite with Green Phantoms from Colombia CF05R

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Intuition, Rearrangement, Impartial

A 2018 find in the northern part of Colombia revealed a unique variant of Fluorite. Glassy with high clarity, often colourless or exhibiting a very light shade of pink, minute inclusions of a rare element presents a grass-green, almost neon hue of green.

Residing in one of the most famous Emerald mines of Colombia, these “Chrome” Fluorites have been grossly mislabelled: Once thought to contain Yttrium, then Chromium, a recent study from the National University of Colombia have concluded that the distinct phantoms are due to the presence of Strontium.

These Fluorite var. Strontium-bearing Fluorites have a singular locality, and the haul is minimal, with miners’ focus mainly on the Emeralds in the same mines. The combination of colourless Fluorite and the phenomenal green hue when backlit is a rarity not to be missed by any serious collectors.

Metaphysically, Fluorite promotes focus, intuition and understanding. It helps to bring chaos into order, promoting stability, free thinking and clear unbiased reasoning. Fluorite also helps to draw away negative energy and stress, and is an excellent learning aid.⁠⁠

Locality: Peña Blanca Mine, Boyacá Department, Colombia

Height: 2.1x1.1x2.5 cm

Weight: 5.9g

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