Colourless ‘Electric’ Hyalite Opal on Matrix from Mexico HP59

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Independence, Loyalty, Expression

Opal var. Hyalites, even in the splendid world of Opals, is one of the most unusual variants: with its glass-like clarity and luster, Hyalites display a dramatic colour change when viewed under UV light.

Hyalite is a form of potch opal that contains trace inclusions of Uranyl, a residue of Uranium. It is this minute presence that causes a strong fluorescent green glow under longwave UV. Often transparent, these bubble Hyalite specimens are sometimes greenish, and sit atop a brown coloured matrix.

Opal, a 14th anniversary gemstone, is an emotional stone, intensifying feelings and releasing inhibitions. An October birthstone in itself, it aids in the expression of your true self, while reining in loyalty and faithfulness. A perfect use for the release of anger and the reclamation of self-worth, Opals encourages both freedom and independence.

P.S: Although Uranyl is a residue of Uranium, the miniscule inclusion amount in the Hyalite makes it totally harmless.

Locality: Electric Opal Knob, Zacatecas, Mexico

Height: 5.1x4.7x3.8 cm

Weight: 71g

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