Fluorite on Candle Quartz XX004

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This is an old find from the famous locality. ⁠
Frosted Fluorite cubes with blue and purple phantoms scatter the mounting face with sporadic clustering. Baby Fluorite cubes can be observed prominently as well.⁠

The Fluorite habit, on first glance seems to be octahedrons, but are actually trisoctahedrons in which each triangular face of an octahedron is divided into three face. These also resulted in having a muted point centered on a broad hump.⁠

A single 1st-generarion Clear Quartz point coated with 2nd-generation white Quartz. The tip is perfect condition with no damage. Multiple intergrown mini Quartz points circle the dominant point. ⁠

Locality: Huanggangliang, Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia, China⁠

Height: 4.2x4.0x10.8 cm

Weight: 206g

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