Frosted Core Fluorite with Unique Micro-Fluorite Edges from England UKFL50

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Intuition, Rearrangement, Impartial

Fondly known in mineral circles as the "Frosted Gem" of Pindale Quarry, the Fluorite from this locale is a marvel to behold.

At first glance, the Fluorite from Pindale Quarry captivates with its frosted core, a mesmerizing effect of hyper crystallization. This process, often rare in minerals, imparts a soft, ethereal glow to the stone, making it a coveted piece for collectors. The Fluorite, crystallizing in its classic cubic form, harbors a yellow core that adds to its allure, contrasting beautifully with its outer structure.

What sets this Fluorite apart are the raised white edges adorning its perimeter, akin to frost on a winter morning. These delicate edges are more than just aesthetic enhancements; a closer inspection, backed by lab tests, reveals them to be micro-Fluorites. This phenomenon indicates the beginning of hoppered growth, a geological marvel that speaks to the dynamic conditions under which this Fluorite formed.

Pindale Quarry stands alone as the singular locality where this type of Fluorite formation is found, making each piece a unique treasure. Adding to its mystique is a very slight red fluorescence under 365nm UV light, adding another layer of intrigue to this already fascinating mineral.

Some specimens of this Fluorite are further embellished with an association of dark purple Fluorite embedded in their matrix. This juxtaposition of colours – the sunny yellow core, the frosty white edges, and the dark purple companions – creates a visual symphony that is both rare and enchanting.

Metaphysically, Fluorite promotes focus, intuition and understanding. It helps to bring chaos into order, promoting stability, free thinking and clear unbiased reasoning. Fluorite also helps to draw away negative energy and stress, and is an excellent learning aid.

Locality: Pindale Quarry, Bradwell, Derbyshire, UK

Height: 4.7x4.2x2.8 cm

Weight: 64g

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