Gemmy Sky-Blue Aquamarine Points from Pakistan AQ04

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Insight, Truth, Youth 

Coming from the Shigar Valley are these simple and elegant Beryl var. Aquamarine pointers, each holding its own with its clarity and lustre. Glassy and in good condition, they exhibit dichroism, from colourless to greenish-blue when viewed from different angles; an addition to your collection that gives it that gentle blue colouration. 

With a long prismatic habit, it features occasional vertical striations and growth figures on the prism faces. Hexagonal by nature, some terminations show as tappered or even bevelled, adding another layer of charm to it. 

An exquisite stone with unique properties, Aquamarine is believed to represent happiness, hope and everlasting youth, while also protecting those at sea. Its symmetries allow us to look both inward and outward, helping us to gain insight, truth and wisdom. It has been known to calm the mind, nerves and anxieties. 

Locality: Shigar Valley, Shigar District, Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan

Height: 1.9 cm

Weight: 2.05g

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