Gemmy Yellow Creedite Thumbnails from China CR01

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Clarity, Focus, Guardian 

Forming usually from the oxidation of Fluorite ore deposits, Creedite comes in a variety of colours; however, Crystamour’s curation of bright gemmy yellow is an uncommon find. Exhibiting an impressive radiating, starburst habit, these thumbnail specimens come perched aesthetically on matrix, forming an eye-catching addition to your collection. 

These Creedites also exhibits what’s known as phosphorescence. This phenomenon of delayed luminescence is powered by the radiative decay of its molecular triplet state. Under shortwave UV, the needle-like crystals fluorescence an even brighter yellow! 

Experience the power and wonder of Creedite – your spiritual guardian and high vibrational frequency activator! Let it deepen your connection to your Third Eye, Crown and etheric chakras and aid your meditation journey. Enjoy the clarity and focus it provides while following through on your plans and decisions! 

Locality: Qinglong Mine, Guizhou, China

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