Gobi Desert Gemmy Clear Green Fluorite FL120R

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Intuition, Rearrangement, Impartial

From an old mine in the northern part of the Gobi Desert can be found aesthetic specimens of glassy clear Fluorites in varying shades of green and even colourless variants; in rare cases, purple phantoms can be spotted, exhibiting a bi-colour display.

 Accompanying the Fluorites is a combination of Iron Oxide coatings, Quartz stalactites, druzzy Quartz var. Chalcedony. This results in a contrasting, yet complimentary display of green, white, and red. Some parts of Fluorite and Quartz are fully coated with Iron Oxide, staining them dark brown.

Very rarely can dogtooth Calcite clusters be found growing on the Fluorite cubes itself, and these are highly sought after by collectors.

Metaphysically, Fluorite promotes focus, intuition and understanding. It helps to bring chaos into order, promoting stability, free thinking and clear unbiased reasoning. Fluorite also helps to draw away negative energy and stress, and is an excellent learning aid.⁠⁠

Locality: Bujiger Mine, Airag District, Dornogovi, Mongolia

Height: 7.1x6.8x2.8 cm

Weight: 73g

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