Golden Astrophyllite on Feldspar from Russia AS52

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Astral, Acceptance, Perception

A very rare mineral that captures the golden rays of the sun and the brilliance of a shining star, Astrophyllite hails from the deep mountains of Russia. Recognizable by its bronzey-gold blades that radiates outwards in starburst sprays, Astrophyllite is found in tragically few locations worldwide.⁠

Most of our Astrophyllite come with a Aegerine association on a Feldspar matrix; the bland Feldspar and the black strands of Aegerine serves to enhance the overall aesthetics of Astrophyllite.⁠

Getting its name from the Greek words for “Star” and “Leaf”, Astrophyllite, as its name suggest, has been called a “Gateway to the Stars”, as it aids in accessing higher states of consciousness. Able to expose the many layers of reality, Astrophyllite pushes beyond the paradigm of our physical being by expanding our spiritual perception of all things, even onto astral travelling.⁠

One of the few stones able to activate all Chakras, it is a stone of acceptance, fullness, and transcendence. This also allows one to sense the needs of others, and reveals that which is hidden within.⁠

LocalityKola Peninsula, Khibiny Mountains, Russia

Height: 6.5x3.6x2.2 cm

Weight: 58g

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