Grade A+ Iridescent Mineralised Ammolite from Canada AMM03

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Transformation, Evolution, Connection 

Ammolite, a captivating opal-like organic gemstone, is an extraordinary mineral specimen with unique and distinctive characteristics. Composed primarily of fossilized shells of ammonites dating back 75 million years, Ammolite is predominantly made of Aragonite. Officially recognized as one of the three biogenic gemstones in 1981, the future availability of this remarkable gem is limited, with estimations suggesting only a few more years of mining.

The allure of Ammolite lies in its iridescent play of colors, reminiscent of opals, achieved through the interaction of stacked thin layers of Aragonite and the interference of light. The thickness of these layers determines the hues displayed, with thicker layers revealing vibrant reds and greens, while thinner layers showcase mesmerizing blues and violets. The scarcity of blue, violet, crimson, and gold tones contributes to their rarity and higher quality, as thin layers are fragile and more susceptible to damage. 

However, obtaining top-quality Ammolite is a rarity, as only a small fraction, ranging from 1 to 10% of the discovered specimens, meet the standards of grade A+ and above, qualifying as suitable gem material. Mining operations employ a combination of mechanical excavation and meticulous manual examination, ensuring every exposed inch of shale is thoroughly inspected. High-grade Ammolite exhibits a spectrochromatic shift, where the colors dynamically shift across the entire spectrum based on the angle of observation and the light source. Exposed to the elements and subjected to sedimentation compression over time, Ammolite often exhibits captivating patterns resembling a "dragon skin" or a "stained glass window" due to natural cracking. 

Ammolite has been named the 'Seven Color Prosperity Stone' by Feng Shui masters. Each color has its own meaning and brings with it its own power: 

Orange – increases libido and creativity
Purple – gives more authority and power
Red – stimulates energy and growth
Green – better fertility, wisdom, growth, and success in business
Yellow – better health and brings balance
Blue – brings better knowledge, peace, health, and faith 

Locality: Bearpaw Formation, Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada
Height: 5.3x5.1x2.3 cm
Weight: 108g

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