Hematoid “Sunset Phantom” Quartz from India PQ39

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Grounded, Calming, Amplify

From the mysterious and rich lands of India, Crystamour is very proud to be able to curate this particular collection of Hematoid Quartz points and clusters. There is much to discover in what is usually a common mineral, so sit a while and listen…

This is a 2021 find in a certain mine in India. The exact location and mine is so heavily guarded and so shrouded in secrecy in an attempt to prevent others from extracting it themselves; ultimately, it is anyone’s guess, and Crystamour as usual, have done our due diligence and arrived at our own conclusion.

The Quartz here is extremely clear and glassy, which allows an unhindered look into the magic within: the once-precipitated Hematite from the environment has been preserved in the form of a phantom, and such completeness cannot be overstated! The name “Sunset Phantom” Quartz was given due to the red-and-orange colours on the minerals, mimicking the beauty of the daily evening act of nature.

Mining in India is usually done haphazardly, and thus damage is to be expected; this in turn means that pristine condition pieces are far and few between. What it lacks in condition, it makes up for it in clarity.

Adding onto the rarity is the richness of the Hematite phantoms. Exuding a deep red, certain specimens even have a glitter within the phantoms, elevating this find to a whole new level.

Hematite is known for its grounding capabilities. Touching a piece of Hematite produces a calming effect, and improves focus and concentration while its subtle yet intense vibrations work on you. This is due to it activating the Root Chakra, the energy centre that stabilises us. If you’re constantly troubled by stress, tension, anxiousness, and worry, Hematite is the stone for you.

Clear Quartz is considered a "Master Healer", said to amplify energy by absorbing, storing, releasing, and regulating it. As clear quartz is of a balancing nature, it is usually paired with other crystals to aid and enhance their abilities.

Locality: Kakamunurle Mine, Karur District, Tamil Nadu, India

Height: 5.8x2.2x2.7 cm

Weight: 52g

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