High Quality Hematite-included Amethyst Sceptre from Zimbabw AM31R

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Grounding, Purity, Protection

Amethyst is a variant of Quartz with its signature purple hue and multiple localities throughout the world. From a recent 2020 find, Sceptre Quartz are crystals in which a second generation crystal tip grew on top of another Quartz crystal. To qualify as a Sceptre Quartz, the second-generation crystal must grow parallel to the underlying crystal.

Usually varying irregularly in clear Quartz or Smoky Quartz, or as a combination of both, Amethyst Sceptres are an uncommon find due to the difficulty in extracting them without damaging the vital parts of it: the stem, and the tip. The purple Amethyst phantom growth, the abundant inclusions and its play-of-colour, the beautiful stem, all adds up to a collector-worthy specimen.

With a generous inclusion of red specks of Hematite, these sceptres, when viewed under a loupe, offers a unique glimpse into the creation of Mother Nature: a plethora of purple, grey, red, accompanied with internal fractures, the resulting visual is akin to a glimpse of our galaxy. When backlit, light is let in by the clear Quartz portion, lighting the entire specimen up in a beautiful display.

Hematite is known for its grounding capabilities. Touching a piece of Hematite produces a calming effect, and improves focus and concentration while its subtle yet intense vibrations work on you. This is due to it activating the Root Chakra, the energy centre that stabilises us.

The rich purple of Amethyst represents purity of spirit, and is often viewed as a stone of peace. Amethyst also brings the dreamer more in tune with the Divine. Also used as a natural stress reliever, it promotes inner strength, spiritual maturity, and all-round protection.

When working with Amethyst, it helps to brings clarity, and brings you more in tune with your feelings, enriching your knowledge of self, and purpose.

Locality: Chiredzi Mining District, Masvingo, Zimbabwe

Height: 3.0x2.8x7.5 cm

Weight: 83g

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