Icy Clear Selenite Clusters with Hematite Inclusions from China GS09

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Angelic, Calmness, Clarity

For the lovers of Selenite, Crystamour’s collection is bound to capture your attention.

Clusters of Gypsum var. Selenite form in a chaotic formation, displaying extremely sculptural aesthetics for all to admire. With glass-like clarity, perfect prismatic lines, and sharp pseudo-rhombohedral terminations, these specimens are as exquisite as they come.

Hematite in the area coated the clear Selenite at some point, then gave way to more Selenite, resulting in a beautiful reddish brown phantom. The Hematite phantoms exhibit terminations as sharp as the host crystal itself, truly an amazing creation of Mother Nature. Let the stark contrast draw you in, and be mesmerized by the perfection of these specimens.

Selenite, which means “Moon” in Greek and named after the Moon Goddess Selene, has come to symbolise clarity of the mind and calmness. Instilling deep peace, it is an excellent companion for meditation work. Selenite facilitates communication with the angelic realm and beams a guiding light in times of need to cast away the shadows of life.

Locality: Qinglong Mine, Guizhou, China

Height: 11.6x9.0x9.2 cm

Weight: 400g

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