Native Copper with Epidote and Quartz CP14R

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Conductivity, Knowledge, Fortune

Native Copper is a natural mineral in its uncombined form. With its irregular shape, it is a striking appearance with its three-dimensional growth structures, and usually found in extremely small quantities and sizes. Well-crystallized specimens even allows you to observe the individual Copper crystals in its natural growth stages.

The beauty of Native Copper lies in its formation: forming erratic shapes, Native Copper branches out in all directions in a sculptural display of beauty and finesse. Some specimens have even been observed to be arching up and away from the Quartz matrix it is on. The most common accents with Native Copper is Epidote and Quartz, which comes together in a distinct blend of metallic brown, shades of green, and white.

Native Copper is a natural auric conductor, enhancing your entire emotional field. It is also able to manifest our truest desires and bring about knowledge. Being an energy amplifier, it assists in strengthening the connection between two individuals. A Taurus and Sagittarius birthstone, Native Copper attracts good fortune and unique opportunities.

Locality: Caledonia Mine, Mass City, Michigan, USA

Height: 3.5x1.2x2.7 cm

Weight: 21.9g

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