Natural Gemmy Green Tourmaline Cluster from Brazil TM98R

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Courage, Success, Attraction

Mined from one of the most prolific gemstone mine, the green tourmaline was often mistaken as Emerald in the sixteenth to eighteenth century. Uniquely colour-changing when viewed from different angles, it is highly sought after in the semi-precious colour stone family.⁠

Mining of the crystal cluster is tedious, often only with a pick then followed by hand tools as they can be very fragile with the needle clusters in some of the unique pieces. This is also the reason why fine crystal specimens of the green tourmaline are rare. Also known as Verdelite, all of our Green Tourmalines are natural and 100% untreated.⁠

Aligning itself with your Heart Chakra, Green Tourmaline is the strongest healer of the heart. If you are seeking courage, stamina, and strength, Green Tourmaline is the stone you are looking for.⁠

Green Tourmaline also works its magic in attracting success, luck, and abundance into your life.

Those of you looking to grow a green thumb should consider Green Tourmaline as well as it carries the essence of the plant kingdom.

Locality: Cruzeiro Mine, Minas Gerais, Brazil

Height: 5.8x4.2x4.0 cm

Weight: 81g

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