Rainbow Lattice Sunstone SS07R

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Leadership, Protection, Freedom

 Discovered only in 1985, and declared a new gem variety in 1989, Rainbow Lattice Sunstones come from a singular locality in the world: a 0.2square kilometers area of the remote Australian desert of nothing but dust and rocks. It is in this barren hellscape, in stark contrast, that these intrinsically beautiful Sunstones are hand-mined, with very low production daily.

Rainbow lattice sunstones is a difficult material to work and tend to have many cracks. That is why it can be very hard to find large clean pieces. Gem grade ones are also only produced in very small quantity with only 10% of those mined passing the grade to be classified as that.

Known as one of the rarest stone on Earth, the list of phenomena responsible for the unique visuals of Rainbow Lattice Sunstones are as follows:

  • Iridescence parallel lattice pattern: Due to Hematite inclusions
  • Equilateral triangular pattern: Due to Magnetite inclusions
  • Aventurescence: A metallic glitter akin to common Sunstones
  • Adularescence: A chatoyant effect akin to common Moonstones

Our collection of Rainbow Lattice Sunstones have been polished on 1 side to showcase the signature… well, Rainbow Lattices. The pattern may look manufactured and unnaturally geometric but they are a natural phenomena!

A crystal ahead of our times, Rainbow Lattice Sunstones harnesses the energies of the radiant Sun and the solar ray, and has been deemed a Stone of Leadership. With the potential to achieve personal power and freedom, Rainbow Lattice Sunstones also serves as protection from the destructive forces of other realms.

Locality: Rainbow Caterpillar Mine, Northern Territory, Australia

Height: 1.6x1.0 cm

Weight: 7carats

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