Rare “Snowflake” Reticulated Cerussite from Iran CR06R

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Inspiration, Enlightenment, Strength 

Cerussite is an interesting mineral, forming in an array of fascinating crystal formations and bizarre twinning habits. It is easily identifiable by its heavy weight, brilliant adamantine luster, and crystal habits. Forming some of the most interesting, complex, and varied crystals and groupings in the mineral kingdom, the most sought after formation is the cyclic sixling-twin habit.

From a 2013 find, Reticulated Cerussite has a very high density and consists of intricately crisscrossed, complex networks of intergrown, bladed crystals. Commonly referred to as “Snowflake” Cerussite, it gets it namesake when viewed straight on axis; the strict branching of 60° twinning angles has to repeat multiple times to form a repeated hexagonal pattern, a geometry analogous to snowflakes.

Cerussite is a stone of inspiration that instills the willingness to overcome difficulties, aids with our transformation into enlightened beings, and gives hope to those who feel overwhelmed by life.

Locality: Nakhlak Mine, Anarak District, Nain County, Iran

Height: 3.1x2.4x2.2 cm

Weight: 17g

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