Red Spinel Thumbnails from Tanzania SN01

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Devotion, Stamina, Focus 

Measuring an 8 on the Mohs Scale, Spinels is often confused with Corundum var. Ruby for centuries. Showing off its vitreous lustre amidst its red-pink hues, Crystamour’s collection features thumbnails specimens free of matrix. Mahenge has been touted as the best locality for Spinels since the beginning of the 21st century. 

Exhibiting octahedral specimens with clustering, etched surfaces, hoppered growth, these Spinels are as varied as can be. Cavities in and on the specimen allude to the dissolved minerals previously in place, and lend an unique signature to every piece. Clustered Spinel specimens are rare, and hoppered growth Spinels specimens have often been mislabelled as such to the unknowing collector. 

Spinel comes in many colours based on its impurities. Under longwave UV, Spinels glow a vibrant bright red, a slight difference from the slightly-muted red observed from Rubies. This is due to Rubies being dichroic - showing different colours spectrums when viewed from different angles; Spinels only have one refractive index, allowing it to exude vivid fire and colour. 

Spinel is renowned for its ability to inspire devotion, great passion and lasting affection due to its association with the root Chakra, and is thought to increase physical and mental stamina by boosting energy, focus, and intellectual power while reducing forgetfulness. 

Locality: Mahenge, Morogoro Region, Tanzania

Height: 1.6x1.5x1.9 cm

Weight: 27.7 carat

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